Discover the beautiful story of a Gatineau company!

Our History

From father to son, cleaning is our specialty!

A well-known company in Outaouais
Nettoyeur St-Louis Inc. Boasts an excellent and proud reputation in the Outaouais region. Having always had the same family ownership, our company puts people in trust by constantly offering them services of the highest quality.

A family story
In 1955, Paul St-Louis decided to turn this family residence on Papineau Street, in Hull, into a dry cleaning workshop. The 67 Papineau is enlarged no less than eight times before all the buildings are connected together to make the ten thousand square feet of the current plant. The space in the heart of a residential area is totally occupied, with no additional hope of obtaining all the necessary authorizations for any expansion whatsoever.

All members of the St-Louis family have always worked hard for a long time. When Paul died in 1980 Marcel, the eldest of the family, took over. It was finally in 2000 that Marcel gave the keys to his sons Garry and Jean. Marcel retired in 2016 after 50 years of service.

Paul St-Louis
1916 – 1980

Before the renovations of 2001

After the renovations of 2001

Marcel St-Louis

Our Specialties

Clothing cleaning


Cleaning of dresses


Cleaning of dress clothes


Cleaning winter coats


Our Team

Jean St-Louis

Garry St-Louis

Dominik St-Louis

Marcel St-Louis

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